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Service:Access Bars 30 Mins add another, change

Access Bars is performed by placing fingers on 32 different points on a client's head.  There are 16 points on each side of the head, which mirror each other.  When these points are touched and asked to "run" - the energetic "Bars" that lie between them, release the energies they hold, which are all the energies the client has stored from any lifetime, of conclusions, judgments, decisions, beliefs, attitudes and thoughts.  These energies, held in the client's head, serve to limit what is possible for the client to create, so deleting these old "files" or "scripts" in a Bars session serves to free the client from these limitations and allows them to play with MUCH greater possibilities!!  It is also a deeply relaxing and restorative session, so what would it take for you to discover what else is possible for your life and living??

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